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I’ve stumbled upon a remarkable life.

Though my internship is over, I have begun writing freelance for the paper. It amazes me that I am making money doing the same job I was doing before for nothing…. and I get to work from home instead of driving down to Fort Washington every day.

Also, thanks to my father, I have acquired a part-time odd-job: I am paid to watch Gilmore Girls for several hours a day.

Alright, that’s not exactly how it works. My dad’s friend owns a internet-based business (The Twinery) selling baker’s twine. I help him by spinning and packaging it, which I can also do from the comfort of my own home while I watch television.

So somehow, I now have two jobs that I really enjoy, and more free time than ever before. As I said, quite the remarkable life I’ve found. God is good.

And with all this free time, I’ve had plenty time for crafting– one of my very favorite things to do.

Recently I’ve been exploring the world of baking. I don’t get the chance to do it often at school, so when I’m home I go a little crazy. Yesterday, I made cake pops (recipe found here). I was first introduced to these wonderful creations by Rachel Stephens, fellow journalism nerd and baking advocate. Here’s a peek at my first solo attempt:

Crafting, twining and writing. I love summer.


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This is the last week of my 6 week-long internship. It’s been quite a ride and a learning experience. I think after this week I’ll have to sit back and process everything to really get a complete understanding of my time here.

I met another Christian at work today. I had mentioned to another intern where I had gone to highschool, and his head popped up from his cubicle and he started talking to me. Apparently, he went to my church years and years ago. Small world! We talked for a little while and eventually went back to work.

(Side note: You know when you’re in a foreign country and you meet someone from America and it turns out they’re from the same town or state as you? There’s an instant connection because although you’re in an unfamiliar place, you found someone who you share something with who understand where you’re coming from. That’s what this was like. It always amazes me how randomly meeting another brother or sister in Christ will build instant bonds of trust, understanding and kinship.)

A little while later, he came over to my desk and said to me quietly, “Hang in there because we need Christians in this business.”

(It did kind of feel for a moment as if we had just discovered that we were both members of some secret group… like in a movie! Ha.)

I was really surprised by his comment though, and it stuck with me. Almost every time I tell someone from church that I’m majoring in journalism, it is usually suggested that I try to get a job at Focus on the Family, Fox News or some other Christian/Conservative media outlet. And I know people mean well, but that has always bothered me.

I know Christian bubble culture pretty well. I went to Christian school from kindergarten to 12th grade, and then I moved on to a Christian University. Almost all of my friends are Christians. I love the community of fellowship we have together. So here’s why I don’t think I should work at a Christian media outlet: It’s too appealing. It’s too appealing because it’s too safe.

So many Christians segregate themselves from culture and then complain when the culture is too “liberal,” which causes them to draw back even more. It’s a shame, and I’m the chief of sinners in this area. I know I love safety too much.

The draw of working at a Christian-in-name media outlet is that I would be able to stay inside my bubble.  After all, I like my bubble. My bubble is safe.

But I don’t think bubbles are even supposed to exist. I don’t think Christians should be content to live so safely because I can’t think of a place in the Bible where God ever calls us to life “safe” lives.

Just some things to ponder. I’ll post next about the conclusion of my life as an intern.

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