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I’ve stumbled upon a remarkable life.

Though my internship is over, I have begun writing freelance for the paper. It amazes me that I am making money doing the same job I was doing before for nothing…. and I get to work from home instead of driving down to Fort Washington every day.

Also, thanks to my father, I have acquired a part-time odd-job: I am paid to watch Gilmore Girls for several hours a day.

Alright, that’s not exactly how it works. My dad’s friend owns a internet-based business (The Twinery) selling baker’s twine. I help him by spinning and packaging it, which I can also do from the comfort of my own home while I watch television.

So somehow, I now have two jobs that I really enjoy, and more free time than ever before. As I said, quite the remarkable life I’ve found. God is good.

And with all this free time, I’ve had plenty time for crafting– one of my very favorite things to do.

Recently I’ve been exploring the world of baking. I don’t get the chance to do it often at school, so when I’m home I go a little crazy. Yesterday, I made cake pops (recipe found here). I was first introduced to these wonderful creations by Rachel Stephens, fellow journalism nerd and baking advocate. Here’s a peek at my first solo attempt:

Crafting, twining and writing. I love summer.


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